For a really long time I’ve been thinking I was in a rut and I was! But it was only because I let it happen. Sometimes you just gotta do it, you know, like Shia Labeouf once said. Well that is why I made this blog, that is why I’m working on Geemusic. You just gotta keep pushing on.

It’s fun and satisfying to build things, but you can’t just think about it or talk about it. It is paramount that you sit down even for a half hour a day and try to work towards it. Set up some small tasks that are alligned with your goals and work towards that. It is amazing how much more fulfilled you’ll be when you start to see your vision come to life instead of it being in your head still.

The more you do means the more you learn and the more you learn the more you’ll be able to do. It is addicting and it builds on itself because you’ll be able to build out your ideas quicker and quicker which makes you a significantly more sought after developer. The other great part about not spending FOREVER every night on stuff, but spending any time you would normally be on YouTube or any other time waster like that is that it gives you the ability to post a question to Stack Overflow when you’re stuck and get an answer by the next time you work on it. It is a great workflow.

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