You caught me, I’m Billy and I code stuff for fun.

I am a developer and freelancer living in New London. I like it here because it’s usually pretty mild season wise and is a fun up and coming area, but the winters have been pretty nutty, randomly.

You can find my contact info in the footer (E-mail, Github, Twitter, and Stack Overflow) go ahead and peruse if you want.

I joined the Electric Boat division of General Dynamics in 2013, and developed embedded software for control and monitoring systems there in primarily Ada (type-safe verbose language that is really well done) and C. Some of the work was Python related for making some one-off scripts and what-not and some PHP/JavaScript for fixing random bugs in our end of life IBM tool, Rational Synergy/Change. I was eventually allowed to come up with a solution to simplify the development tooling to use git/GitLab almost exclusively instead of Rational Synergy for SCM and manual E-mails for code review, which is what they had been doing since the early 90’s.

Before that, I worked at FloDesign for a few years as their only software developer. Primarily working on R&D efforts associated with embedded control systems on a PIC processor among a few other small internal IT stuff, see only software developer.

I grew up in Springfield, Ma, which is really an awesome place in Western Massachusetts. The seasons are bad, but the sports teams are good so it’s not a bad trade off.

Have something to say? Feel free to e-mail me, see the link at the footer and I’ll eventually add an AMA link so that the more public questions can be asked and answered there.